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WatchGuard® –  XCS Series 570

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We support all current standards of the web's most popular web browsers.


WatchGuard® – XCS Series 570

WatchGuard XCS 570
WatchGuard XCS 570 and 3-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $17,740.00 $15,965.00
WatchGuard XCS 570 and 2-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $13,780.00 $12,400.00
WatchGuard XCS 570 and 1-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $8,500.00 $7,650.00
XCS 570
Users Supported up to 1,000
Form Factor 1U Shallow, Rack-Mountable
Dimensions 1.7" (h) x 16.8" (w) x 14" (d)
Weight 17 lbs.
CPU Intel Celeron Processor
Power Fixed, 200W, universal 100/240V
Memory 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 667MHz
Ethernet 3 Intel Gigabit Ethernet
Serial Ports 1 RS-232 (DB-9) Serial Port
Security Features
Threat Protection
Anti-Spam Yes
Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Yes
Blended Threat Prevention Yes
ReputationAuthority Yes
Threat Outbreak Control Yes
Spam Dictionaries Yes
Pattern-Based Message Filters Yes
Message Quarantine Yes
Inbound Attachment Control Yes
URL Filtering* -
Uncategorized Web Content Filtering* -
Data Loss Prevention
Pattern-Based Content Rules Yes
TLS Encryption Yes
Message-Level Encryption** Yes
Compliance Dictionaries Yes
Objectionable Content Filtering (Email) Yes
Objectionable Content Filtering (Web) -
Outbound Attachment Control Yes
Outbound Content & Attachment Scanning Yes
Document Fingerprinting & Data Classification Yes
Transparent Remediation Yes
Administration, Policy Management & Reporting
Archiving (3rd Party) Yes
On-box Reporting Yes
Message Logs Yes
Customizable Granular Policies Yes
Customizable Granular Reports Yes
Centralized Management Yes
Acceptable Web Usage* -
Web Application Control* -
Web Security Features (Available with Subscription*)
URL Filtering -
Uncategorized Web Content Filtering -
Acceptable Web Usage -
Web Application Control -
Web Caching -
Large File Download With Rapid Scan -
Streaming Media Control -
Web Traffic Management & Clustering -
Message-Level Redundancy Yes
Hardware Redundancy -
On-Demand Clustering Yes
Queue Replication Yes
Geographical Redundancy Yes
Support & Maintenance LiveSecurity Plus†