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WatchGuard® –  XCS Series 770

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WatchGuard® – XCS Series 770

WatchGuard XCS 770
WatchGuard XCS 770 and 3-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $36,830.00 $33,145.00
WatchGuard XCS 770 and 2-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $28,760.00 $25,885.00
WatchGuard XCS 770 and 1-yr Enterprise Email Security Bundle $18,000.00 $16,200.00
XCS 770
Users Supported up to 4,000
Form Factor 1U Shallow, Rack-Mountable
Dimensions 1.7" (h) x 16.8" (w) x 14" (d)
Weight 17 lbs.
CPU Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor
Power Fixed, 200W, universal 100/240V
Memory 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 667MHz
Ethernet 3 Intel Gigabit Ethernet
Serial Ports 1 RS-232 (DB-9) Serial Port
Security Features
Threat Protection
Anti-Spam Yes
Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Yes
Blended Threat Prevention Yes
ReputationAuthority Yes
Threat Outbreak Control Yes
Spam Dictionaries Yes
Pattern-Based Message Filters Yes
Message Quarantine Yes
Inbound Attachment Control Yes
URL Filtering* Yes
Uncategorized Web Content Filtering* Yes
Data Loss Prevention
Pattern-Based Content Rules Yes
TLS Encryption Yes
Message-Level Encryption** Yes
Compliance Dictionaries Yes
Objectionable Content Filtering (Email) Yes
Objectionable Content Filtering (Web) Yes
Outbound Attachment Control Yes
Outbound Content & Attachment Scanning Yes
Document Fingerprinting & Data Classification Yes
Transparent Remediation Yes
Administration, Policy Management & Reporting
Archiving (3rd Party) Yes
On-box Reporting Yes
Message Logs Yes
Customizable Granular Policies Yes
Customizable Granular Reports Yes
Centralized Management Yes
Acceptable Web Usage* Yes
Web Application Control* Yes
Web Security Features (Available with Subscription*)
URL Filtering Yes
Uncategorized Web Content Filtering Yes
Acceptable Web Usage Yes
Web Application Control Yes
Web Caching Yes
Large File Download With Rapid Scan Yes
Streaming Media Control Yes
Web Traffic Management & Clustering Yes
Message-Level Redundancy Yes
Hardware Redundancy -
On-Demand Clustering Yes
Queue Replication Yes
Geographical Redundancy Yes
Support & Maintenance LiveSecurity Plus†