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WatchGuard® –  XTM series 1050

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WatchGuard® – XTM series 1050

XTM 1050

Businesses that depend on high-speed, always-on networks have traditionally paid a high price to keep those networks secure. Until now. Introducing the new WatchGuard® XTM 1050 high performance security appliance. The 1050 provides fully extensible, enterprise-class security at an affordable price.

WatchGuard XTM 1050
WatchGuard XTM 1050 with 1-Year LiveSecurity $23,595.00 $21,235.00
WatchGuard XTM 1050 with 2-Year LiveSecurity $26,475.00 $23,830.00
WatchGuard XTM 1050 with 3-Year LiveSecurity $28,635.00 $25,770.00