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LogisticArt™ is a hosted application software, where one or more web sites and/or phone order desks users can rapidly interact with sale order data, run customer reports and manage inventory. LogisticArt™ will multi-task to accurately manage data from all your points of sales origination. And you can learn how to use it in minutes!

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LogisticArt™ - Complete Merchandizing Management System

This is an exclusive offer to Scientific Bio-Logics, Inc. and Aerial Dynamics Corporation client/customers.

LogisticArt® is a POS (point of sale) Hosted Application Software, at only a fraction of the cost to that of similar solutions available today. LogisticArt® assures an intuitive design where your web sites and/or phone order desks users can rapidly interact with sale order data, run customer reports and manage inventory. LogisticArt® will multi-task to accurately manage data from point of sale activities.

Cost Effective Solution
The initial setup duration from the license purchase point of LogisticArt® is 1-3 hours, and you can learn how to use it in minutes! LogisticArt® does not require you to install software onto your local system, thus lowering the costs for on-site support from an IT professional.

Data Retention
Data backup hardware/software is costly as well is the labor to manage data backups! LogisticArt® being a Hosted Software Application Solution, provides a network architecture which includes backup services, and provides you the export tools to put a snapshot of your data onto your local system. There are no software update tasks for your IT personnel to perform. The hosted solution includes unlimited software updates, which is performed by our network engineers, lowering your IT department's appliance and labor costs significantly.

Unique and Clever Integration
With more than a collective ten years experience, we continue to discover new needs in IT management of data, and new services that become available much more rapidly because of the Internet. Therefore, necessary third party service connections are needed and are required to be secure and seamless. LogisticArt® achieves this by utilizing advanced integration techniques which provide the utmost secure point to point data exchange. As a normal function, LogisticArt® dynamically manages pertinent data to and from popular third party networks like postal services, government tax agencies, payment gateways, and other necessary networks.

User Management Module
Most companies facilitate multiple divisions and employees to manage daily tasks where each person has been allocated certain authority per job function. LogisticArt® has a user management module utility where the administrator may intuitively add users and grant or deny them to have access to various module tools and data.

Product Inventory
LogisticArt® inventory control module quickly and easily imports your assets data where each item's/SKU record can be imported to the database; making it available for remotely authenticated users during a live sales transaction. Manually add/update SKU record descriptions; set price point breaks and analyze revenue per unit. Import/export tools are provided to backup or prepare your LogisticArt® data, to and from third party software.

Customer Activity and Order History
Customer records are managed during each transaction from any authorized session. Customers order history, product experience and financial information, and where the sale originated through which user, is a core function of LogisticArt®. You may have many years of customer transaction history, LogisticArt® import utility makes it simple to populate the remote database with those records where your sales agents may have intuitive access to product and customer records.

Payment Gateway Services
You may set parameters for credit card transactions to be securely piped to a number of popular payment gateways, with real-time credit card status response from the payment processor. Activity logs are recorded and accessible by administrators to audit for error discoveries and/or reconciliation of accounts.

Shipping Services
Real time shipping service charges are rapidly available as an order desk operator builds a sales order, a convenient system to quickly inform the customer of the variable shipping service costs. LogisticArt® will search the products database to help reflect optimal shipping service for order quantities, box size, and box count to ship the order.

For more information, please contact our company representative to learn how to enroll in LogisticArt®