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We support all current standards of the web's most popular web browsers.


Robust Multi-Layered Network Security

For over a decade, Aerial Dynamics has taken an aggressive approach to securing its public hosting environment. In addition to the unsurpassed Solaris 10 OS, our entire network is positioned behind robust award-winning redundant firewall appliances.

Real-Time Spam and Virus Detection for Immediate Protection

We stop spam and the viral payload it carries cold by adding our powerful anti-spam virus outbreak detection. Spam accounts for up to 95% of global email traffic, bogging down the network and leading unsuspecting users to malicious web sites designed to steal sensitive personal or company data. It remains the most common method of spreading viruses.

Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service

Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service (Gateway AV/IPS) with anti-spyware is a signature-based, integrated security subscription that identifies and blocks known threats in real time. It scans email and web traffic at the gateway to block malicious threats before they can enter our network and execute their hazardous payload, providing protection from spyware, trojans, viruses , buffer overflows, SQL injections, instant messaging and P2P usage, and policy violations.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)
The zero day attack prevention architecture provides proactive protection for your web site. Signature-based Gateway AV/IPS augments this security capability by providing more granular control and protection against threats that do not violate protocol standards or behavioral rules. With multiple layers of security working together, you get the best possible protection at a price you can afford.