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Realtime payment processing.
Receive payment authorization in a matter of seconds so you can accept or reject orders immediately. Or chose to accept payments and settle them at a later time.

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Payment Gateway - Online Payment Processing

The fully customizable way to get paid securely. Now you can expand your business to the internet with total security and control. Payflow Pro is the ideal solution for established businesses that want to keep their existing bank relationships but also require peak site performance, direct control over payment functionality, and scalability. Payflow Pro is an industry-leading payment gateway that connects your internet-enabled merchant account to your website, where you can directly accept credit cards, eChecks, and PayPal® with ease and security.

Payflow Pro is:

Payflow Pro provides a complete solution for businesses that demand an integrated payment service designed specifically for the internet.

How it works.

The following diagram provides an overview of how Payflow Pro works

Real-time payment processing

  1. When customers are ready to pay, they enter their payment information and click the payment button on your website.
  2. The payment gateway encrypts data and securely sends it through the payment processing network.
  3. The transaction is reviewed for authorization or decline, and the results are sent back through the Payflow payment gateway.
  4. Your customer receives a confirmation receipt and you fulfill the order.
  5. Once the transaction is processed, funds are transferred from the customer’s bank account to your merchant bank account.

After you’ve set up Payflow Pro,it’s easy to manage your account.

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PayFlow Pro - Annual Enrollment $799.00

Save $160 on setup and monthly services.

Scalable and fully customizable, Payflow Pro is recommended for merchants who require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality. Payflow Pro allows merchants to process payments on their site with a software download that includes a software development kit for simple API integration. Features credit card, debit card and check processing and purchase card levels (2&3). Payflow Pro is integrated with all major shopping cart software.

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