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Authorized ShopSite™ Partner

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Authorized ShopSite™ Partner

We have worked with ShopSite™ Shopping Cart software for many years, and chose to continue hosting and supporting ShopSite™ today. Why? Because we find ShopSite™ code to be a secure and stable, database driven utility where web page updates are simple and fast. Much more so then many of the various Shopping Cart's available today. Fast and secure sums it up for us.

ShopSite™, out of the box provides functionality useful in many business categories whom trade tangible or digital products; need a ergonomic content management system which allow the integration of proprietary code to conform to specific design function and layout. You may also choose to use ShopSite™ out of the box templates.

Our custom ShopSite™ templates are specifically designed for our ShopSite™ hosted customers. You can chose from simple boilerplate designs or if you find it necessary, develop a proprietary design for your application and integrate it into ShopSite™. Over the years, we've produced and currently manage many custom scripted functions which add versitility that can be simply implemented into your web site design.

While ShopSite™ creates static HTML pages by default, it can also be used to create dynamic content served up using Server Side Includes, PHP, Active Server Pages, or whatever dynamic content system your Web server is configured to use. Simply include the dynamic content code in your ShopSite™ Product and Page fields, or create a Custom Template using the dynamic code, and then make sure your files are named with the correct extension to tell your Web server to use the right dynamic code parser.

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